Gallery Services

Bennett Contemporary is happy to provide guidance on a wide range of art services. We can help established and emerging professional artists to grow their profiles by introducing them to our extensive collector base and contacts. We also work closely with a wide variety of clients (including private buyers, architects, designers and corporates – with a specialised focus on lawyers, finance practitioners and interior designers) to advise them on artworks to purchase for themselves or their clients.  Please email us at for any further details you require about any of the services mentioned below.

Art Exhibitions

Bennett Contemporary offers both physical and online shows located in commercial or museum settings that are open to the public and feature the work of established and emerging artists from the Southern African region. Take a look at our Calendar for further information. Please subscribe to our Database if you would like to be notified of upcoming events.

Artist Management

Bennett Contemporary offers a wide spectrum of management and promotional services to the artists with whom it works. These services include full representation, museum, group and solo shows, sales, commissions, documentaries, marketing, strategy and inventorising of past and current work. Bennett Contemporary is able to offer its artists reasonable commission structures due to it not having the expense of permanent physical premises. It also believes in the rendering of professional services and the to it’s artists.

Art Consultation

We work with clients to select the ideal artwork for placement in a public, residential or commercial setting. Drawing from a wide range of artists and designers, Bennett Contemporary enjoys helping its clients to find work that will enhance their portfolio and which fits each client’s unique taste and budget. Clients of Bennett Contemporary have also greatly enjoyed being exposed to artist’s studios and to foundries.

“Talking (and buying) art with Arabella and Kim is one of life’s great things. Their uncontained excitement about what they do, and their connection with and appreciation of the artists means that you are buying art with a story and a soul.”

“Buying art can be tricky, especially as a couple with conflicting tastes. We have been thrilled with the pieces sourced by Bennett Contemporary. Arabella and Kim are a dynamic team who have put careful thought into understanding our needs and selecting pieces which achieve a balance between value and visual delight. In addition to advising on what makes sense in our household space we have received valued input on framing and placement of pieces. A pleasure to work with this duo!”

At Bennett Contemporary the emphasis is on relationships – between the artist and her work; the art lover and the work of art; between the dealer and the artist; the artist and those privileged to delight in their work. “

Art Acquisition

We can help you start or grow your private or corporate art collection by assisting you with how best to choose artwork. We do this primarily through numerous channels: individual consultation, advice and sourcing, commissioning artists, our online sales portal and by collating a unique collection of investment artworks bi-annually and exhibiting these pieces at our winter and summer shows. If you are interested in work by any of our artists, please contact

Inspiring Children

Bennett Contemporary believes that part of its role is to inspire a love for art in children.  To this end, no acquisition is too big or too small for us. We even place work in children’s rooms and playrooms. From time to time, Bennett Contemporary has arranged children’s book readings by artists and has hosted art classes for children which are run by it’s established artists. Bennett Contemporary’s end of year summer art fair also always includes creative projects for children.

Past Events

  • 2015 – “Sadman’s Tongue” a special project by Conrad Botes at Guild International Design Fair in Cape Town, South Africa (February 2015)
  • 2015 – “Drawing with Conrad,” A course of drawing classes for children presented by Conrad Botes in Cape Town, South Africa (February – June 2015)
  • 2015 – “Sadman’s Tongue” a special project by Conrad Botes at 1:54 African Art Fair in New York, USA (May 2015)
  • 2015 – “Bennett Contemporary’s First Annual Art Fair”, Group Show in Newlands, South Africa (November 2015)
  • 2016 – Group show at the International Hedge Fund Conference in Cape Town, South Africa (February 2016)
  • 2016 – “Studio C,” a series of sculpting classes presented by Kevin Brand in Cape Town, South Africa (October 2016 to date)
  • 2016 – “Bennett Contemporary’s Second Annual Art Fair,” Group Show in Woodstock, South Africa (November 2016)
  • July 2017Winter 2017, Online Group Show at


  • November 2017 – “Janjaweed” a solo by Kevin Brand at the Holocaust and Genocide Foundations in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban (November 2017 – August 2017)